My Strong Resolve As The Torn Images

As a music listener, I sometimes endure the so-called B-sides of a recording because it's sometimes a grind, and painfully slow. I don't mind slow tracks as long as it's still relevant and meaningful. But if it's a case of insensible piece of connected words, then it's time to push the forward/skip button of a media player.


As an artist, I'm careful and mindful that every song I will write and record is worth every listen. Striving hard for that one word - "Quality". It has to exhibit a lasting effect, that works like a glue to your ears. No hasty compromise and no "fillers" at all.

"Memorable"... "repeatable" to play and listen, are the endearing qualities that I would like to offer as an artist, as The Torn Images.

Lastly, I always strive to get better with my songwriting. Being an indie or independent artist, I challenge myself being considered as a small fish making an impact in a big pond of music landscape!

- Briand Arabaca (The Torn Images)

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