The Way of The Torn Images 

May 2014

"Most guitar players focus their technique based on speed, nothing but a flutter of modal notes, and thinking it's the only way to progress - Virtuosity. Yes perhaps it's half the truth, but these lightning speed delivery of unwanted notes has obliterated the most important thing in music - the Feel!

As a guitarist, I put more emphasis on different factors - tone, melody, structure, and rhythm. Every note is well-regarded, respected, and memorable as part of a whole song. I'm not skilled with the lightning speed of Sergiy Putyatov or in the flashy fashion of otherworldly Jimi Hendrix. But I tried not to be like them, or emulate their styles. I'd rather have the simplicity of Bernard Sumner (of Joy Division/New Order), and the one note approach of Neil Young. Emphasizing the very essential element in music - the Feel, the Real Emotion!

Thus, I strive for one invaluable lesson as an artist, and that is- to be True to Myself!"

- Briand Arabaca