A Sense of Purpose with Music 

February 2014

You reach a point in your life when you look for a sense of purpose. There are certain moments that you feel like dying, anxiously waiting for an answer. If there’s such thing as divine providence, then I must pay my respect to the One who give me the gift of music. The soulful melodies that keep pouring in my head; every time I strike a chord, pick a single note in my guitar, or at times when I wake up. 

And for the countless people from different countries who sent messages ( such as: “Gooood sound,” “Keep it up,” “Go for it,” “Like… good song,” “Great song… I’m a fan,” “Experimental,” “Inspirational! Akin to early Pink Floyd/Roger Waters sound - sorry if that was not your intent - but fantastic”), I’d love to say a BIG THANK YOU! You make my Life Worth Living with Music!

- Briand Arabaca